Jun 23 2017 I Bert O Talks About The New Single

Bert O, will release his 3rd single “what a beautiful world” later this fall.  This is the 3rd single to his follow songs “And Love” & “Falling Down”.  The solo guitarist has continues to wow fans with his British feel and sound.   Bert O confirms out the Beatles inspired him throughout his younger life.  We look forward to the 3rd single due out later this year.

May 20 2017 l The Falcon Circle Releases “I’m Coming Home”

CEO Jammie Jolly joins the group The Falcon Circle with fellow band mates Steve Pallura, David Irilli & James Cravero to release a song dedicated to military veterans.  The group is also currently working on the video the the title track “I’m coming home”.

Apr 10 2017 l Alex Jolly changes stage name to “Lenny Whoah”

Alex Jolly aka now Lenny Whoah, changed his rap name after joining the New wave entertainment group based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Lenny has also released his sound cloud page that will features some of his new music. Lenny will continue to be a part of the JTP family. Lenny is currently in studio working on a new dance single due out later this year.

Feb 03 2017 I Zaccheus Releases “I will trust video”

Zaccheus releases his I will trust video, featuring Jammie Jolly & friends.  The song is off of the I will trust single recorded in 2016.  Up and coming film artist Emeka Badiwe  filmed the session on site in Staten Island, NY